Cissus Quadrangularis for weight loss

Cissus Quadrangularis is a well know perennial plant from the grape family. It has been used as medicinal plant from ages. This plant can be found in most parts of Asia, Arabia and Africa where it is used very frequently in traditional medicine. All parts of the plant are used for medicinal purposes. It has leathery nodes which make it look a type of a cactus with leaves, yellow or greenish flowers and red ripe berry like fruits when ripe.

Ayurveda, an ancient form of medicine practised in India has used is to cured broken bones, injured ligaments and tendons. Hence, it is known as asthisamharka meaning the protector of bones in Sanskrit. Some studies have shown that it has helped increase metabolism, decrease body fat composition and hence helped reduce weight in obese people. It has also been revealed that it has a potential of curing gastric ulcers. Though many of the benefits mentioned above are not clinically proven let get to know them.

Weight loss by cissus quadrangularis

There studies conducted to find out whether there is an actual help by consuming cissus quadrangularis and lessening one weight. This has been debatable as proper analysis and testing on persons was not done. Since the pills made from cissus quadrangularis are gummy in nature and with water if consumed before a meal, would that allow lesser food intake is not fully proved. So it is still just premature to say that is a full fledged weight loss medication until further proof is established. But till then it is used by many traditional and found to have benefited with whatever ailments that they had come about with. Scientists feel this is a placebo effect. But some anti oxidising, anti inflammatory and bone repairing properties have been tested on rodents but as of on humans, it’s yet to be proved scientifically.

Persons who have consumed the pills have reported to have lost weight but on a significant level. As the consumption of cissus quadrangularis makes you lose your appetite hence the weight loss and there is no fat burning properties by the pill.


For weight loss they are found in capsule form. As taking extracts orally will be bitter. It has to be taken from 600mg to 1000mg. It has to be taken 30 minutes before consuming a meal. The pills have to be consumed two to three times a day. The results may vary from individual to individual and dosages will be increased as to how your body will react to the pills consumed.

How it works

It is presumed that it attacks the inflammatory nitric oxide and reduce the the free radical damages done by LPS. It has protects the liver unlike other steroids which are very harmful and release toxins in the body especially in the liver damage caused is sometimes irreparable. The digestive trace is also balanced by cissus quadrangularis hence better digestion and helps in not gaining weight as the undigested fats don’t accumulate in the body.