Is Suzuki LT-Z400 Right One For You? Read The Specifications And Decide Yourself!

Suzuki LT-Z400 has been very popular due to its user-friendly design and versatility. It has multiple applications including motor-cross, racing, and off-roading. It is in fact sporty ATV (All Terrain Vehicle) that can be best suited for woods, sand, or track. The 2014 model brings the best performance on hard and pretty tough terrains. So now, let us take a look on its specifications in detail.


The Suzuki LT-Z400 comes with liquid cooled system featuring high capacity radiator. It even has thermostatically controlled fan offering constant engine operating temperature. This engine control unit makes use of 16-bit CPU and 96kb ROM unit. This system is specially programmed to acquire improved traction by choosing optimum injection timing, volume, and ignition timing on the basis of engine rpm, throttle position, and other relevant data.


The front brakes in Performance NC à Sherbrooke are double hydraulic disc brakes, while the rear ones are sole hydraulic disc. The front suspension is free double A-arm having 5-way adjustable preload and 8.5 inches of travel. The high performance front brake lever position enables brake adjustments to be much smoother and easier.

Foot-pegs are around 46mm wide. Chassis features a high tensile and lightweight steel-alloy frame as well as removable steel sub frame along with aluminium swing-arm. The front track is widened by about 25 mm since it improves the overall handling stability. The axle shaft taper at the rear is modified to heighten the rigidity balance and offer optimum performance that is in conjunction to the changes made to the front track.

Some other important Specifications

  • This model features fuel injection system offering a cleaner, stronger and quicker acceleration like never before.
  • Ideal and most exciting four wheeler sport riding on all the terrains.
  • It is specially engineered for top performance off-road four wheeling along with offering smooth power output as well as throttle response from the Suzuki fuel injection.
  • The dry sump lubrication system offers compact crankcase and minimum engine height to ensure optimum engine placement.

  • The oil tank is mounted with frame in front of exhaust head pipes.
  • The electric start system is very convenient that comes with Start-In-Gear feature. It is further powered with compact maintenance-free battery.

If you too are looking for one of the best ATVs, Suzuki LTZ 400 can be the right choice for you. It comes with attractive features as listed above to make your riding experience great and fun!