Learning to spread love this Christmas with some exclusive gift ideas

The chilly winter morning calls me up for the luxury of enjoying a cup of coffee with the Sun at my back and some huge heaps of books to finish before I get back to work. I am supposedly the most boring person of the world as per my friends because my ideal holiday getaway is remaining stuck at home with lots of food for my mind, lots of movies for the brain, and lots of books for the soul. I just don’t care what is wrecking the world outside when I get an off from job. But suddenly, I realized today morning that may be I am being selfish and not giving back love to people who love me. Those who really love me have no expectations or conditions entwined in their feelings for me. So, after reading a spiritual book, I have thought to bring a transformation in me by surprising my loved ones with some amazing gift ideas for Christmas. As I said that I always lock myself up for vacations and hardly visit people or call them, this time I would be different for the sake of love.

Exploring Switzerland with Dad

 So, for my darling dad, I have an excellent plan to kick start this self-transformation. He has always been an explorer and wanted to visit the concrete painting named Switzerland. After contacting some of the travel and tour companies, I have cracked a lovely deal of 5 days package in Switzerland. My dad would really be happy and proud of me. I want to see that smile of satisfaction on his face which he saw on my face while he brought gifts for me.

iphone-5-5s-or-5c-case Shopping for the diva sister

Ever since she was born, she was a star. I mean how someone can manage to be obsessed with brands, shopping, and make-up all the time? And that’s none other than my younger sister who sort of pisses me off with her tales of clothes, style, and latest hair serums. We all are different and all of us are blessed with some sort of specialties. Her obsession must match with some ambition. How about getting her enrolled into some fashion designing course? Yes, she would be more than happy with that and then I would also take her to shopping as a Christmas gift.


Bake a cake with besties

I will call up all my best friends the night before Christmas and we all are going to have fun in kitchen while baking a cake. I read it somewhere that baking releases stress from inside you. I know I hardly spend time with my best friends and before this Christmas arrives I want to be with them and a cake baking session followed by late night gossips and chit-chats would restore our friendship for sure.


I am blessed to have all these lovely people in my life and seeing their charming smile on their lips is the best gift for Christmas for me.