Make Your Search for Used Cars Online Relevant: Use 4 Filters

The world of online is just too vast to be comprehended. It can be difficult to even imagine the extent of its reach. So when you search used Renault Duster in Bangalore online you may not get the right results. This irrelevance of results can be frustrating. So here is a list of filters that you can use to make the search more relevant.


Always start with the budget first. The online portals will have many cars available for different types of resale prices. Not all of them are going to meet your financial arrangement. So always narrow down the search by stating the budget range.

Manufacturing Date

The next filter that you can use is the age of the car. You would have your own limitations when it comes to second hand cars. Say you may not want to buy a car that is 8 years old. Hence define the age range within which you want the car to be.

Car Type

Once you have defined the age of the car the next thing you need to look at is the type of car. There are sedans, hatchbacks and even SUVs available in resale on online portals. So you can apply your preference here and make the search results more relevant.

Condition of the Car

There is no definite filter that you can let you define what condition of the car you want. However, there are two types of cars available on online portals – certified and non-certified. Certified cars are the ones that have been inspected and pass on for quality and usability by the portal. These cars would have far better working condition than the non-certified cars. So you can use this filter to further narrow down your search results and make them more relevant.