Three Exercises We Can Adapt from the Chinese People

People nowadays tend to be more conscious of their health since the number of people having sickness in their young age is increasing. People are more proactive in taking care of their body. There are many ways of taking care of your body. We have a more commercial way which is through therapies, supplements, and vitamins.

Many people in Asia, however, prefer the more traditional way. In China, specifically, they produce medicine out of natural resources such as ginseng and the likes. They have also introduced exercises that focus on their cultural beliefs. To name a few, there is Taiichi, Chinese Wand exercise, and Qigong.

Taiichi is more popularly known as a Chinese martial art but in today’s China, Taiichi is a form of exercise that you could see in public parks practiced by all age groups. It is a form exercise that could reduce stress and the chances of having other health condition such as high blood pressure. It involves a series of movements performed in a slow manner and is accompanied by deep breathing. Similar to yoga, it is a self-paced type of exercise that involves a lot of stretching. Each posture has a relative flow to the next step of the exercise. Taiichi is an inexpensive way to take care of your health which requires no special equipment.

You can do Taiichi anywhere may it be indoors or outdoors. In Jiangsu, they have built a wide area near the Nanjing Massacre Memorial Hall for people that stroll and do recreational activities. Like other parks, Chinese people usually gather in these areas to exercise together. It doesn’t require any specific number of people; you can do it alone or with a group of people. It is generally safe for everyone except of course for people who are pregnant, people with fractures, and people with joint and back pains.

On the other hand, Chinese Wand exercise is an ancient form exercise that can be also related to Kung Fu martial art. A person doing this exercise would require having a wand in a form of long piece of wood that serves as the fulcrum of balance, form, and posture. The concept of having this long piece of wood is to have a pyramid effect with you being the center or focus.

The bending, twisting and lunging movements of this exercise would allow blood circulation to flow in your body more efficiently. There are gradual stages of this exercise that require special deep breathing technique and are more challenging as the exercises get tougher. Like other Chinese exercises, Chinese wand exercise uses Chi energy or the balance of energy wherein positive energy is used to release the bad elements in your body. It aims to balance out all the systems of the body. It is also a proactive type of treatment to your body as this may prevent illnesses and delay the aging process of many cells.

Lastly, Qigong is holistic form exercise that uses coordination of body posture movement, breathing, and meditation. Some people see it as a type of martial art but for healthcare practitioners, they use it to strengthen your health and spirituality. According to Chinese philosophy, this exercise allows you to realize one’s true potential. This type of exercise strongly involves meditation and focus. It is practiced throughout China for relaxation, self-healing, and alternative medicine.

Research shows that Qigong can reduce the instances of having hypertension, pain or even cancer. Many scientists do not back up the belief of Chinese culture in health treatments; however, because of many successful trials, it has made a strong case to welcome this concept in modern medicine.